Artist Bio

Leondre Ansah is a 22 year old graphic design student who is well versed in adobe software enabling him to work in his field on various projects with multiple methods all leading to different stunning outcomes in terms of his practise. His work is an amalgamation of contemporary set briefs in the context of modern graphic design which ranging from branding, typography to designing for marketing/advertising to environmental design and so much more.

As Well as this side of his work, there is a side of his work that breaches the boundaries of just graphic design. This style of work which enables him to explore and experiment more broadly his artist expression and concepts. Creating artist works based on surrealism, anime and activist influenced perspectives on occasion, two very prevalent aspects incorporated in his life which enables his work to be more illustrative and meticulously detailed through digital drawing. In addition using his technical expertise and experience to blend different practises, softwares and methodologies to develop work in more profound and distinctive ways.

Finally, this brand was created in response to his ever-growing interest in designing the aesthetics of clothes and his love for creating art, specifically the art movement surrealism. His work is made of realistic overlapping visuals images being adapted in unnatural/surreal ways to create very atmospheric or emotive environments/concepts usually with a subtle overarching message and motive behind it. More of His work can be found on social media platforms like instagram, twitter or facebook so if you are intrigued go take a look at his diverse and broad body of work.

 As a result, the freedom and uniqueness this perspective could bring to the look and style of the products is unlike anything seen before.